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Tribute to Thom

26th October 2008


Yesterday, on October 25th 2008, my dear friend Thom went Home to Heaven to be with God, after being sick for the past month.

I can't put into words what I am feeling today... a mixture of deep sadness and pain, and of joy that he is now free from pain, and with God, and with another common friend Alfonso.

Thom was such a wonderful friend and brother, he was so kind, so caring and compassionate, he had so much wisdom that he shared so freely, and he was so funny, especially in our phone conversations.
Thom always went out of his way to be here for others, even when he should have rested and taken better care of himself first. He was a real prayer warrior who Loved God so much, and most of all he did so much to bring awareness of HIV/AIDS to others, especially to young people, and support to those newly diagnosed. He always went out of his way to do more.

Thom had asked me to be his support partner, which I had accepted. In the weeks leading to his passing, I did try to call him several times, and always seemed to call when he had his phone off or was unavailable. I left him a voice mail and text messages, but never got to speak to him. Just this past friday I said to myself "I'll try calling Thom again this week-end".
I learnt from this that one should never delay doing something that is on their mind today. Why didn't I call him on Friday when I had that thought ? For that matter, why didn't I try calling him every single day ?
I just have to trust God knew what He was doing, and I just have to hope that Thom received and read the text messages I sent to him in the past few weeks.

This World has lost a great and very special person... and Heaven has gained a precious soul. I know Thom will always be a part of my life, as I believe our loved ones stay by our side even after the physical body has died. And you will always have that very special place in my heart Thom. I Love you my friend, and can't wait to see you one day in Heaven.

As I was re-reading my past messages from Thom, I found one from 2 years ago in which he said something even more poignant now than it was then :

"When I get to the next world my first words will be "I want to see Jesus". I'll next ask for my beautiful mother. THEN...I'll say " I want to hug Alma"!"

Thank you for all that you have given me, all your love and care, the times you made me laugh, and for sharing your beautiful heart with me, and asking me to be your support partner.

Rest in Peace my friend.