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Animals and flowers

Seychelles flowers
A branch of Frangipani tree
Seychelles flowers
Frangipani flowers, my favourite flowers
Small ghost crab on the beach
Very large coconut crab on Cote d'Or beach
Green gecko
A bright green gecko on Cote d'Or beach
A skink, very common all over the Seychelles
Bourgainvillia tree
Seychelles flowers
These red flowers are found on most of the Seychelles islands
Giant Tortoise
Giant tortoise in Botanic Garden in Victoria, Mahé
Giant Tortoise
Giant tortoise in South Mahé
Giant Tortoise
Giant tortoises love people and are very gentle and expressive, I fell in love with them
Giant Tortoise
Look at that beautiful expressive face
Cattle Egret
Cattle Egret outside our chalet in South Mahé
A very enquisitive Bulbul on Praslin