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Animals and flowers

Noddies nesting on Cousin Island
Magpie Robin
A very rare and protected Magpie Robin on Cousin Island (there are less that 100 worldwide, all in the Seychelles)
Fairy Tern
Young Fairy tern on Cousin Island
Fairy Tern
Fairy Tern on Praslin
Fairy Tern
Fairy tern in flight on La Digue
Fairy Tern
Fairy tern in flight on Praslin
Delicate Aigrette flowers
Pink Frangipani
Pink Frangipani flowers
Tenrec in Valley de Mai, Praslin
Tourterelle Seychellois
A Tourterelle Seychellois on the beach
Coconut Spider
Very large Coconut Spider (luckily they stay in the trees outside)
Minah Bird
Minah birds have a tendency of bullying the other birds